UK renters: has your family moved to a smaller home? | Renting property

Thousands of families who rent in the UK have downsized in recent years amid rising rents and bills, according to property figures.

According to figures by property market analyst Dataloft figures reported by the BBC, in the first half of 2020, 57% of new tenancies signed by families on £30,000 to £70,000 a year were for homes with at least three bedrooms, according to Dataloft. Three years later, this fell to 51%

In the same period of 2023, that figure had fallen to less than 51%.

We are interested in speaking to renters in the UK who have moved with their family to a smaller home in the last year. Tell us about why you made the move – was it rent, bills, or other factors?

How much did your costs change? What impact has it had on your living standards? Are you being affected in others ways?

Share your experience

We are interested in speaking to UK families who have downsized their rental homes.  

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